Let me sleep!

I’m so tired. My gorgeous little girl refuses to sleep through the night. So, last night, we ( i say we…) resorted to controlled crying after 11 months of waking up at least once every night. When my little treasure awoke at 3.15am I finally bit the bullet and decided no more night-time boob, only shushing and patting.

Well, stressful does not even begin to describe the experience. I am in no way a touchy feely earth mother, but the sound of her cries made me feel unbearably anguished. It doesn’t help that the pitch of her screams would be enough to send Ghandi himself into a fit of violence. As I lay in bed, absorbing the sound of her blood curdling screeches, I could feel the threat of a panic attack coming on. The sound trampled on my sanity, it threatened to send me over the edge into mental oblivion, it it… Someone give me a paper bag! Ok, maybe sleep deprivation is making me a little over-dramatic, but you get the idea. Did it work? I’ve no idea, but she finally went to sleep after less than an hour and with no boobs in sight, which is certainly an improvement. For anyone interested in what I did, I just went in and briefly shushed her every 2 minutes for about 40 minutes. I tried picking her up but that didn’t work, and eventually I just rubbed her back whilst she was on her tummy and it worked after 2 attempts.

I’m committed to doing this until she sleeps through, otherwise I’ll be advertising her on eBay for 99p (not really) and booking myself into the Priory. I’ll let you know how it goes, wish me luck!

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