Day two of controlled crying. Oh dear…

Well thank God it’s my turn for a lie in. She managed to keep going for 97 minutes last night, but we made it through and once again without the aid of boobs!

It’s funny what you think about when you’re awake in the middle of the night. At one point I noticed how when you breathe in through your nose with your mouth open, your tongue automatically touches the top of your mouth. Even if you try not to do it, a part of your tongue will move up. Fascinating. I was also conviced in the way only a mildly delirious, sleep deprived person can, that I am a carrier/spreader of the common cold not ever a victim of it. This idea came after a particularly satisfying sneeze (one of several in the past week) at 4.20am.

So anyway, the first part of the controlled crying was done by my husband who (I think) was shushing her and giving her back a little rub every two minutes. Lord alone knows what actually happened but he returned to the bedroom, forlorn and defeated after 25 minutes and declared it wasn’t working. After that he got into bed and put a pillow over his head. Thanks. No really, thanks for all your hard work.

So it was down to me. The shushing and patting wasn’t nearly as affective as last night, she must have cottoned on to my strategy and was actively fighting it. At one point, during a particularly strenuous shushing session, I felt a rogue stream of snot begin to flow from my left nostril as I was leaning over the cot trying to comfort her, (that’ll be the cold carrier theory out the window then…). Bear in mind that I had one hand on her bottom and the other rubbing her back, so there was no way to stem the flow.  It reminded me of the scene in Mission Impossible where Tom Cruise is being lowered into an alarmed room and although if my snot escaped an alarm wouldn’t go off, it may have landed on the baby’s face and woken her up. That didn’t happen of course but it certainly added a little spice to an otherwise tiresome event.

Anyway after about 50 minutes I picked her up, which as before didn’t help and then began to notice her cries were becoming half hearted which is always a good sign. Eventually after 15 minutes of whimpering she gave up and fell asleep.

I think it’s worth mentioning that sometimes when using a method where you go in every 2 or 5 minutes, you occasionally have to use your judgement as to whether your shushing and patting will wake the baby up. If you think they’re nodding off, leave it for a bit longer and see if they do.

So technically last night was a success, I just hope I have the strength of character to keep it up…

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