Day six controlled crying. Oh dear, I spoke too soon.

I had a horrid feeling this would happen. She didn’t nap at all yesterday and barely ate anything, so it wasn’t a surprise to me when she woke at 4.15am. I went in to shush her and give her back a rub for a couple of minutes, hoping she might be settled back to sleep, but when I returned she REALLY started to scream.

I mentioned “the no-cry sleep solution”, yesterday and actually started reading it anyway as I was sure she would start waking again at some point. Unfortunately I hadn’t got to the the bit that gives solutions. What was useful to know however, was that according to sleep experts, sleeping through for babies is defined as 5 hours of sleep. So technically she is actually sleeping through. Also I was challenged to go for a calmer sleep training programme if possible as I really don’t like the idea that she’s freaking out and terrified. In the end I just thought, she’s probably ravenous, I’m going to feed her. Arghhhhhh! I’m breaking the rules, I’ve gone all rogue and spontaneous, but hopefully I made the right decision. She fed for about 20 minutes and went straight back to sleep.

Today, she’s napping at the right time, and I’m going to stuff her full of as much food as possible so at least I’ll know she shouldn’t be hungry. The funny thing was, although I’m completely knackered and pretty grumpy, last night when I was feeding her, I made sure I treasured it. It won’t be long until my last ever baby stops feeding altogether, so each feed should be enjoyed.

Right, on that note of positivity, I’m going to make myself a sandwich.

2 thoughts on “Day six controlled crying. Oh dear, I spoke too soon.

  1. if she doesn’t eat properly during the day, she will wake up hungry. If she wakes up at the same time every night, then she is looking for comfort, but if it is at random times it most probably be hunger.
    Hang in there, it gets better.
    And you are right, treasure those night feeds, because you’ll really feel it when you wean her off the breast.
    Enjoy your sandwich 🙂

    • Hey MorasMum, just thought I’d let you know your advice has been really helpful! I often find myself thinking about it in the middle of the night! We’ve given up on the controlled crying for now, obv not working. Hope all is well with you.

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