I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

I’m in love. I’m actually madly in love… With my Bakfiets! Woo hoo! I finally bought myself a cargo bike, something I’ve longed for since moving to Cambridge. I snapped it up second hand from a London owner who happened to be passing Cambridge and delivered it to my door.
I can carry all 3 kids it in, the girls on the bench and my son in the box on a cushion. They love it all snuggled up in the “boat bike”, (we go through lots of big puddles on the way to school…) I can hear them so we can chat on our journeys and riding it is a dream.

If you’re interested in these bikes then I think the temptation is to go for a trike as they appear to be more stable, but these “long John” style bikes are actually really stable and easy to ride. If you’re a cyclist then go for a two wheeler, if you’re not confident on a bike then I think the trikes are very tempting.

2 things I want to share about this style of bike:

1. When you stop, you’re not unstable. Before getting this bike I had 2 bike seats on my normal bike, a BoBike Mini on the front and a Hamax Kiss on the back. Both are good seats that I’d recommend but together they made my bike very wobbly at a stop and hard to walk along with when I needed to get off the bike and walk. I almost had an accident when I lost control wheeling the bike along at a crossing which thereafter made me very nervous about this way of carrying my two youngest. The Bakfiets nl has a much lower centre of gravity so wobbling is at a minimum.

2. It’s easy to ride. It looks crazy and difficult, but it’s NOT, it’s fabulous!

My husband is quite understandably fed up that I spent a lot of money buying myself this bike, but I KNOW, I will treasure every moment riding this bike and that our kids will have great memories of all our adventures in it. I also know the resale value is excellent, so ultimately I won’t be massively out of pocket.

I’m very lucky to have a local Bakfiets dealer just up the road who can service the bike and provide me with all the accessories I want to buy. If you’re interested in getting a Bakfiets then have a look at http://schoolruncentre.co.uk/ http://www.dutchbike.co.uk/ The guy there delivers all over the country I believe and he’s incredibly helpful when you’re trying to decide which bike’s best for you. You can even borrow bikes to try out.

Since getting the bike on Monday, I’ve gone into town and taken advantage of the buggy loan facility that John Lewis provides under the Grand Arcade car park. You literally cycle into town, park your bike and borrow a buggy to do your shopping. The cool bit about having the Bakfiets was that I could buy loads of Christmas prezzies and actually fit them all in the bike with Izzy, the only problem was that Izzy wanted to fall asleep which was very uncomfortable for her, so I’ve since pimped my Bakfiets and bought a snugly toddler seat from The School Run Centre off Mill Road in Cambridge, that’ll allow her to nod off if she needs to.
I love bikes, I love the idea of carrying my babies with me and I love not paying for parking in town. Let the good times roll!

6 thoughts on “I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

    • Hi, thanks! From the forums I’ve looked at there seem to be quite a few of these in Seattle but I guess they haven’t made their way down to Cally yet! Is the culture there still very car based for families? It seems a shame there aren’t more as you have the weather for them. All the best, Emma.

  1. Can I mine your bakfiets knowledge?! We have a year old baby over here in Oxford and we currently have him in a maxi cosi car seat bolted into the base of the box. We are wondering whether to move straight to the bench in the near future, or get a toddler seat. Downsides of toddler seat seem to be that it’s expensive and will only last another 6 months, upsides has head support, bit more comfy and allows sleep (but we tend to design trips around his naps anyway so we normally don’t want him to sleep!) Another factor would be that we intend to have another one and I suspect we would move to the toddler seat as soon as possible for the second baby if we had it as I can foresee problems with older child having their feet on baby in the box… Do you have any advice/thoughts? Oh and a related question, do you put your kids in helmets when they are on the bench? Thanks

    • I’d Deffo get a toddler seat as the bench isn’t secure enough for a little one. You can attach it to the bench or have it on the bottom of the bike I managed to get all the of my kids in mine even with a toddler seat. There’s plenty of room for a toddler seat without having any feet touching anything but we have the large Box bike.

      Mine don’t wear helmets but probably should x

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