Life after the holidays.

Well, so far, Izzy and I are having a lovely day. The news that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have broken up nearly ruined it, but like troopers we moved on. Sam and Maisie are back at school and nursery, so my little bean and I get to hang out a bit without any screaming, demands for a “little snack”‘ or inconveniently timed toilet visits from the other two little dreamboats.

I have to admit, I sometimes get a bit stuck with what to do with a 14 month old. She can’t really scribble yet, she can’t really get into a game yet and even though I try to read to her she tends to just point at a different book half way through reading the book we’re holding. At least she seems to like books. She gets super excited at bedtime when she sees her favourite books, even though she can’t quite tolerate getting to the end of a whole one. At the moment she’s playing with Sam’s old wooden (toy!) toolbox and is quite happy. I think she just likes a bit of company and knowing Mummy’s just there is enough for a few moments.

As Izzy is definitely my last baby, I want to enjoy her, but I often find myself on the iPad or on the phone or doing housework instead of really spending time with her. Now is a very good example of that actually! I do wonder if we’re too obsessed with entertaining our kids constantly though. They love playing and learn so much from it, so I guess our role as parents is to facilitate their play – set them up and watch them go. If I create a scene in the playroom (I mean a play scene not a hissy fit scene) ready for the kids when they come in from school, they can rarely resist it. They do of course love playing with me, but my sort of playing is about chasing and tickling, (for 7 minutes max I hasten to add), not getting deeply immersed in a role play between a diplodocus and a t-Rex.

Right now, Izzy is happy. She’s pottering around the playroom looking at all the toys and occasionally giving one to me to have a look at. I have to say, even though the room’s a mess and I’m behind with the laundry, I’m pretty happy too.image