A Good Friday Kid Craft (Probably not ideal for Atheists!)

I fancied doing an Easter craft with the kids that was actually relevant to the real Easter story and not related to eggs or bunnies, so, at 3.30am, whilst feeing Izzy, I came up with a mini Garden of Gethsemene largely inspired by similar Sunday school crafts I did as a child.

What you need


A toilet roll tube (one is enough for 4 children)
Sticky tape
One container per child
Paper to make Jesus
A pen to draw Jesus

What to do

Firstly cut the toilet roll tube in half length ways and then cut in half again width ways to make a little semi-circle tunnel (this will become the tomb).
Then cut out a bit of white paper approximately 1 inch by 2 inches and draw on a Jesus in a shroud in the middle of the paper in landscape position. After that, bring the ends together and stick with Sellotape.

Then the real fun starts! Fill your tubs with mud and pat down. Place your half a toilet roll in the mud, put Jesus inside and then cover the tomb with mud and stones, placing a large stone over the entrance to the tomb.

Get your twigs and stick them in the mud as trees.
Et Voila! A tiny garden of Gethsemane.


On Easter morning the kids will find the stone gone, the tomb empty and an Angel in the garden. After that we’ll do an Easter egg hunt and gorge on chocolate.

What Izzy wore to Jack’s Birthday Party

When she arrived…

Mini A Ture dress and tights, inherited from her sister and originally from http://www.yellowlolly.com


After the orange juice attacked her…

Jack’s spares from Old Navy and Baby Gap.


The Many Faces of Maisie Moo. Smiling.

My daughter Maisie has a beautiful smile, but as soon as she sees a camera, something very odd happens to it. This is what I’m talking about…





…and my favorite.


I think we’ll just keep practicing…

I Actually Won Something!!!

I’m feeling very excited. A while back I posted something on the Polarn O Pyret, Facebook page in the hopes of winning a £200 shopping spree online – and guess, what? I actually won!!! Whoop whoop!

I have to say it was pretty hard to stay in budget and ended going over by £9, but was quite happy with that as it seems like we managed to get loads of stuff! P.O.P.s outer-wear is legendary, great quality and brilliantly bright and weatherproof, so I got Izzy a raincoat and fleece and Sam a red, windproof fleece. I wanted to get Maisie a fleece too but they were out of her size online unfortunately. I may just get one from the shop in Cambridge anyway as the pink is a gorgeous color and I’m just very impressed with Sam and Izzy’s.

We also got a robot t-shirt for Sam, a really cute swimming costume for Maisie and identical dresses for the girls, (Maisie insisted, honest guv.) This is the result. Ridonkulous.

Maybe you should “P.O.P.” over to their Facebook page too! Sorry that was awful.