I’m in agony and unfortunately none the wiser…

I had a wisdom tooth removed on Tuesday morning and to be quite honest I was absolutely oblivious to the potential agony the whole procedure can cause.

The procedure itself only took about 30 minutes and seemed to be very straightforward, although rather gruesome. In fact, the cracking and crunching and drilling and gurgling almost brought on a Victorian type lady-faint at one point. So now, 3 and a half days after the surgery (I know it’s minor surgery but it’s still surgery alright!?) and I’m in more agony than on any of the previous days and one side of my face resembles a lopsided moon.

What’s annoying is that I felt really unprepared for how much this was going to hurt. Although the leaflets you’re given tell you you’ll be in pain for a week or two, you don’t actually believe it’s going to be that bad, so when it is that bad, a certain sense of bewildered confusion mingles with the outrageous pain. So if you’re about to have a wisdom tooth removed and are preparing yourself then read on and weep. If you’ve already had the tooth or teeth removed then you’re probably already in tears from the pain and want to know when it’ll stop. Here’s how it happened for me so far…

Day One
10.30 – 10.40 Wisdom tooth removed. The most painful bit was the three anesthetic injections, the rest of it was just a lot of pressure and yanking and scraping, (bleugh).
10.40 -12.50 The calm before the storm. The pain was manageable and everything seemed to have gone swimmingly. There seemed to be a fairly constant trickle of blood coming from the wound so I used the gauze to bite down on and then kept my mouth open to allow the air to get to the gum and allow the blood to clot. This worked and I felt very pleased with myself.
12.51 – 14.00 The anaesthetic began to wear off, so the emerging pain was mingled with that weird, fizzy numbness that comes when you start to regain sensation. This made me want to pull my mouth out.
14.00 – bedtime I took Ibuprofen and paracetamol at regular intervals and the pain was manageable.

Day Two
5.30 (when my smallest one wakes up btw) – 13.59 The pain was manageable, no swelling, all easy breezy.
14.00 -19.19 The pain had increased and when I looked in the mirror I was annoyed that it looked like my face was fatter than yesterday. Inwardly I committed to a lower fat diet.
19.20 – bedtime. My husband came home and commented on how swollen my face was. I was secretly relieved that my cheeks hadn’t suddenly gained 6 pounds, but then also a bit alarmed that my face had swollen up a day after the procedure. I called the emergency phone line to see if this is normal and they asked me to see a doctor who told me this is normal, often the swelling is delayed by a day. I wondered why they didn’t tell me this over the phone…

Day Three
5.30 – bedtime I awoke to AGONY.COM combined with MASSIVEFACE.COM I went to the dentist to make sure there was no infection and she said everything was sore but normal, I didn’t have an infection and that I should call back if after a few days the swelling hadn’t gone down. My stitches fell out in the afternoon, but there was no bleeding so I assumed that was ok.

Day Four
Middle of the night I dreamt that I had a terrible pain in my jaw.
5.30 I woke up with a terrible pain in my jaw and then had to breastfeed my child who likes punching me in the face while she’s feeding.
All day today My face is more swollen than yesterday and more painful. Excellent. I can’t imagine it feeling any better tomorrow, in fact I can’t imagine it feeling better ever again. I’m also noticing that my cheek, chin and lips feel rather numb and am obviously concluding that this is permanent.


So odd looking.