The Power of a Special Photograph

We have a shelf in our living room that’s filled with special photographs of family and friends. Most of the photos are of us and our parents at various stages of our lives. The photos that really stand out to me are the ones of our parents’ wedding days, one of me with my mum in hospital when I was just born and one of Ferg with his Mum when he was about 8. I find it really moving to see these young versions of us and our parents. These photos were taken before loss and before experience and before old age and they’re a really powerful reminder that time passes quickly and all happy times are to be treasured.

When I look at the pictures I have of my children, I imagine what it’ll be like to look at them when the kids are all grown up. Who knows how their lives will turn out? As parents, we hope and pray for the very best for them, that they’ll find love and happiness and success. Hopefully, over the years this shelf will overflow with lovely memories for us all.


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