Win a £25 Sainsburys Voucher!

Hi All!

I’m running this competition as a member of the Family Blogger Network. You could be in with a chance of winning a £25 voucher, thanks to Sainsbury’s Bank Car Insurance.

How do readers enter my giveaway?

· Log into Rafflecopter by clicking on the link below and either entering your email address or logging in via Facebook. To enter the draw you have to leave a blog post comment on your worst car breakdown experience. You can also enter by tweeting about the giveaway.

· The more times you enter, the better your chance of winning the £25 Sainsbury’s voucher!

· Whether or not you’re our prize winner, your worst car breakdown experience could also potentially appear in a future Money Matters Blog post.

· The winners will be chosen via Rafflecopter (which uses and announced on this page.

· The deadline for entering the giveaway is Friday 27th September.

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102 thoughts on “Win a £25 Sainsburys Voucher!

  1. When we were young, my Mum used to drive an old banger of a Fiesta and it broke down whilst going round a roundabout! We had to stay inside the car in rush hour traffic. Luckily a passing firetruck stopped and the firemen pushed us to safety! x

  2. Breaking down on my own on the top of the pennines on the way to family in Yorkshire. It was a snowy day and very misty. What was worst was when I got out of the car to deal with the green flag. My dog started on the Christmas Turkey!!!! Was devastated at the time, but now we laugh about it.

  3. Broke down at night in torrential rain. Took 3 or 4 hours for the rescue service to arrive. I saw the van go past several times and each time I called I was told that they had been unable to find me and assumed I had got started and not called in to cancel. They took down the details incorrectly hence were looking in the wrong place.

  4. I live in North Yorkshire and broke down many years ago on a very rural road on the way to our local town. This was just as mobile phones came into being, I did have a mobile phone but my husband was using it that day, we shared it! I had to wait ages for a car to pass to flag down and help. It was freeeezing too.

  5. Recently, I was on holiday with my bro and his family. We were staying in a villa in the mountains and it was nearly 40 degrees in the van. Just as we approached the villa (on arrival from the airport), in this peaceful, quiet, old-fashioned village, my bro drive into and over two protruding kerbs. He took out both tyres in one side and the rubber was practically melting. It smelled to high heaven, we had had melting shopping in the car, we didn’t know if we were near the villa and the four children in the car were getting crotchety as we’d been up since 4am.

    Fortunately, it turned out we were only a few metres from the villa and the villa’s cleaner came and rescued us and our shopping and then helped my bro speak to the car hire company. Extra fortunately, he had full insurance so they came and swapped the van later that day.

    The scent of burning rubber subsided … after a thunderstorm and downpour!

  6. We had a flat tyre on a dual carridgeway. A police car stopped and offered to help. The tyre wouldn’t pump up so we went to get the spare out of the boot.
    The spare was also flat so the policeman said he would take my partner to the nearest garage to pump it up, my partner then shut the boot with the keys inside it.

  7. My story was long one but as short as possible – on way to interview & car wouldn’t brake it just kept going faster up to 65mph in a 40mph I but on my hassard lights on & hand on the horn to let people know I was in trouble, I was actually looking for a field to crash into as I had no control over the car & then it suddenly just stopped & in front of a garage too! The blokes had seen all the carry on & had come running over to me, one of them drove me to my interview & the other fixed my car. I had only been driving 2 weeks & had brought a 2nd hand car, I was 18 years old too. Something major had gone wrong with it & the bloke at the garage bless him only charged me £50 when it was actually a price of around £500! I had a very lucky escape, got the job, got my car fixed on the cheap & got myself a date with the garage owner lol!

  8. Me and my mum were on the way to a concert in another city, and we were on the motorway when the car started sounded weird, then suddenly lost power. We ere able to get onto the hard shoulder before the car stopped moving. It was the busiest time for lorries, and the hard shoulder was on the narrow side, so every lorry that wet past rocked the car really badly, I haven’t felt as unsafe in my life as I did that day. We were fortunate that the car started again after 20 minutes and we were able to get off the motorway until the breakdown service could arrive.

  9. I broke down in the middle of nowhere late at night, in the days before mobile phones were the norm. I had to walk along country lanes with no lighting to find a phone for about 1 hour and then the AA told me to walk back to the car and they would meet me there. By the time I had walked back the AA man was waiting for me. As I often travelled alone a night I went out and bought a mobile phone the next day.

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