Ewwwww! Did you know…

…a survey commissioned by Dettol discovered that bacteria linked to faeces is found on 1 in 4 items of children’s washed clothes when washed at low temperatures? Well, I suppose this is only true if at least one person in your family regularly poos their pants, but for those of you with tiny ones and/or hot-curry consuming husbands, this is a distinct possibility. Thankfully in our family it’s only Izzy who occasionally has a little leakage now, but when there are leakages I hate the idea that the bacteria on her stuff is transferred onto everyone else’s clothing in the washing machine! Bleugh!

So what’s the solution I hear you cry!! Well, thankfully for all of us, Dettol has brought out a new product that “…kills 99.9% of bacteria, for hygienically clean laundry even at low temperatures”. All you do is add a capful to your normal wash and carry on as usual. I have to say, this has also been really good for my sweaty gym gear, although there’s no poo on it obviously, there’s usually lots of sweat and the low temperature washes don’t always clean as well as they might (TMI?).

Dr Pixie McKenna endorses this product and explains in her video some rather unsavory facts about bacteria on our washing. if you want to take a look then please click here for some nasty revelations!


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