Review of “Where’s The Scone?” By Beth Dexter-Smith. Illustrated by Calvin Innes

I was recently sent some books to review from the guys at My Little Big Town. One of them was, “Where’s the Scone?” This is a fun little rhyming book, probably best suited to the 18 months to 3yr old age bracket. My Little Big Town specialise in making slightly wacky or gross books that seem to be very appealing (well certainly to my unsophisticated bunch.) to kids. This particular book is a counting book, but the reason it’s rather interesting is that the creatures it uses are not the normal, “cow”, “chicken”, “dog” that you tend to find in most other basic counting books. Instead they use, “Gnu”, “Yeti” and “Llamas” as cheeky alternatives! As far as I’m concerned, any book that uses out of the ordinary language is good. Also the fact that some of the animals eat strange or unexpected meals makes my toddler giggle and ask what the foods were like, again a good thing.

At the back of the book there are some items to search for in the pages of the story. This in itself is fun as it draws the story out (small children books are over so quickly!) without turning it into something that your child will lose interest in.

The illustrations are bright and engaging and really suit the jolly tone of the book. At the end of the day though, the only thing that really matters is that my 2 year old loves it. This was a lovely book to receive and I thoroughly recommend it!