Party, party, party!

It was Izzy’s 3rd birthday yesterday. She had a mini party with one of her best friends and her brother and her own siblings. Thankfully it was a gentle little party because she was really poorly. The night before she spent part of the evening downstairs with me and Ferg because she felt sooo wretched, so despite being excited about her party, she was really tired and a bit less Izzyish than normal.
We played treasure hunt, pass the parcel, musical statues, musical bumps and even had an impromptu poster making session. All in all I think she had a lovely time.image image

After the games were done, all the kids played together (apart from Sam who played on the iPad of course) and the adults could just relax and have a natter. It was lovely and easy and just right.

Next weekend we’ll have “The big one” with family and our besties. This one will follow the same formula but is bound to be more hectic as we’ll have more kids and more adults. What I love about these get togethers is the mixing of friends and family. I love the sense of shared history, the people you love the most crowding together for a knees up. It may seem a bit much to have multiple parties but this is what always seems to happen in our family. I’m sure Nana will throw some sort of tiny, impromptu party tomorrow as she couldn’t come on Saturday, so in all likelihood Izzy will end up having three parties!  (No pressure Nana, but get a cake).

Let’s just hope that my little Izzy feels better by next week. I’m sure that after a week of rest during half term that she’ll be up and raring to go. I’m also sure that after a week of “rest”, during half term I’ll be ready for a celebratory glass of pink fizz. Can’t wait.

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