This evening, Izzy did a poo in the bath and threw it at Maisie. Maisie in turn found it hilarious and terribly exciting and took great pleasure in declaring, “Poo alert Mummy, poo alert!”, whilst at the same time frantically trying to swoosh away the swiftly dispersing chunks of plop. In response, I, in full, mum to the rescue mode, hustled the girls out of the bath, and let them loose to run around in nude hilarity whilst I re-ran the bath. What fun. I’m being serious, it was hilarious. Poo doesn’t disgust be as much as it probably should anymore, so the bath was cleaned, hands were washed and the girls were re-introduced to a poo-free tub. Good times.


See? No poo!

And so this is Christmas… Well almost anyway.

Well so far we’re having a lovely Christmas. The hubster is home with us until January 2nd, so I almost feel like a lady of leisure! Here I am, lounging around, alone in bed with my iPad, without having to push crazed children, who are desperate to play the “dinosaur game” (darn you to heck dinosaur game!) away from my screen. Bliss. A cup of tea would probably complete my joy, but hey let’s not get greedy.

So today we’re off to church for the nativity service where all the kids and any sporting parents, can dress up as an angel, a shepherd or a king. The only one in our family getting dressed up is Maisie and I’m not entirely sure she’s going to comply. You see, I’ve made her an angel costume. I say “made”, what I mean is, “cobbled together”, some old net curtains and a bit of tinsel. Someone has assured me that going old school and making a costume is much better than simply buying one from Sainsburys, but I’m not convinced. I think as it stands currently, it looks like a sort of lacy, make do and mend, toga. Even if you squint whilst looking out the side of your eye it’s pretty rubbish, but hey ho, no one’s going to be looking at my kid anyway, they’ll be looking at their own, thinking how cute they look, or fuming because they’ve refused to wear the costume that Mummy spent hours creating, so I’ll probably get away with it.

After that, who, knows? Maybe we’ll make mince pies, maybe we’ll play grandmothers footsteps? Maybe we’ll put the baby down for a nap and stick the kids in front of the telly for some peace and quiet! What I do know is that there’ll be 2 of us doing it for almost 2 weeks and that really is bliss. I love Christmas.