Products I Like

This is just a list of stuff I rate as a mum and occasionally as a normal person.

OiOi Changing Mat



This little baby gadget is brilliant. My friend got one when we both had our first child and although I resisted getting one at the time, I buckled when having Maisie and got one from Honestly, it’s been a fantastic piece of kit.

I didn’t want to have a massive changing bag all the time so when I go out with the buggy I just pop it into the basket below. It does also fit into my larger handbag if I want it to. There’s a pocket for up to 4 nappies, a zipped-up compartment for half a pack of baby wipes and you can pop nappy sacks and a tube of nappy cream in the zip pocket at the back. It unfolds into a changing mat which means you can change your baby pretty much anywhere.
My one is nearly 4 years old, (you’d never know from the marks on the mat. Bleurgh!) so they don’t sell this pattern anymore and after rooting around on the Internet it seems as though the patterns are much more subdued. However, they’re still about and you can pick up charcoal dot one from—charcoal-dot-with-lime/


This alternative one from—charcoal-dot-with-lime/ is much cheaper and quite jazzy.

I didn’t want to have a massive changing bag all the time so when I go Littlelife Ultralight

This is a brilliant child carrier. There is a newer version out but I got this one second hand from eBay for about £35. It has space for nappies etc and is small enough to just bring along for a day out. Izzy is quite clingy at the moment so I wear this when cooking as she’s outgrown the Baby Bjorn carrier.
imageLove it. Here’s video of it from Kiddicare.

Kid-Eco Igloo

This is one example of their cardboard playhouses which are brilliant fun to decorate and even play in! Personally I’ve found that kids tend to get bored of permanent playhouses but they love home made camps and get more out of them when they aren’t about all the time.
image These are great for that because they won’t last forever but are different enough to keep kids occupied for a few days. After that they can be put away in a cupboard and brought out at a later date (if not totally destroyed!)

Polar Gear Booster Seat
This booster seat is sooooo useful. You can get it n Amazon for about £17 so it’s not hugely expensive. Isabelle has decided she much too grown up to sit in a regular high chair so we dusted off this portable booster seat which still keeps her strapped in but allows her to feel like she’s a big girl. We actually mainly use it as a permanent fixture at our dinner table but take it away with us too. Ours doesn’t look like the picture because it’s encrusted with Cheerios and various splashes of yoghurt and/or sauces. Also our chair isn’t a straight high back chair but it still manages to work just fine.

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