Nice, Quick, Fun and Easy Fathers Day Biscuits (Ferg don’t look!)


I got the idea for this from this from Pintrest, which had, DAD, made from biscuits. The pin was from Martha Stuart’s website but I decided to adapt my own biscuit recipe to make our own version. This is a lovely gift for dad and the best bit is you’ll probably have all the ingredients!



6oz (150g) plain flour
4oz (100g) Flora Buttery or whatever spread you use. (I tried this as we didn’t have any butter!)
2oz (50g) Brown Demerara sugar or normal sugar will work too.
2 desert spoons of lemon juice

Icing (Optional)

2 Table Spoons of icing sugar
2 desert spoons of lemon juice
4 drops of colour (optional)
Add water if needed but only a few drops at a time!


Pre-heat oven to 180°C/ 350°F/ Gas Mark 4
Mix the plain flour with the Demerara sugar in a large mixing bowl.
Rub in the Buttery Spread (Flora Buttery) and add the lemon juice, then bring the mixture together
Roll out to 1/4″ (6mm) thickness on some grease proof paper (This means your biscuits are less likely to break when they’re moved onto a baking tray.
Cut hearts using a biscuit cutter, freestyle cutting the letters with a sharp knife.

Transfer biscuits on the grease proof paper and lay on a baking tray.
Bake for about 15 minutes or until golden brown (I did it for 11mins but we have a fan oven which tends to be hotter)
Once they’ve cooled down you can decorate, we used bright icing but to be honest they looked much better pre-icing! Another nice way to decorate, is to sprinkle a little icing sugar onto the biscuits but as you can see that was not the option my kids went for. They decided “Biscuit Massacre” was more their style… Well, at least they enjoyed it!