Christmas + New Year = Totally Skill

I’ve rarely had such a lovely Christmas and New Year. I have to say I think it’s largely down to the fact that Ferg had so much time off but it was also just generally brilliant. Ferg and I have started a tradition of going out for a hot date on Christmas Eve and this year we met his dad for dinner at the hotel he was staying at. That was lovely. Then, we went on for a drink, which was lovely and then we stayed up too late nattering and that was lovely too. Christmas day was just us five, my mum and Ferg’s dad, and that was very relaxed and… you guessed it, lovely!

New year was with our best friends and they are basically just LOTS of fun. Our children love each other and it’s always just easy. Weirdly, despite my whinge about Isabelle not going to sleep at bedtime she actually slept through until 6am for all three nights we were there, so we weren’t even ruined by lack of sleep. Heaven.

So, home and Ferg’s back to work. The lovely thing was that we hadn’t made our cardboard igloo yet so we made it this morning – which was great for about an hour and a half and then largely forgotten, kids eh?
After, playing inside it for a while, the kids then decided to colour it in with pencils, fuelled by some frenzied pencil sharpening from me.
Anyway, it’s MASSIVE. I don’t seem to be very good at dimensions. Everything I buy is always so much bigger than I think it is. As you’ll see from the photos, the igloo takes up most of the space in the playroom. Fergus is obviously delighted that I bought another massive thing, especially a cardboard massive thing as we’re currently hemorrhaging recycling. We (I say WE, whilst flaring my nostrils and raising an eyebrow) forgot to put out the recycling bin so have an enormous Christmas backlog of wrapping paper and packaging. So, a gigantic cardboard igloo which came in a gigantic cardboard flat-pack box is not really a welcome addition to the family. Having said that, I think that after getting a George Forman grill (amongst other things to be fair…) from my husband for Christmas, a bit of extra recycling can be forgiven, don’t you?

Christmas Turkey Pesto Surprise!

Ok, I don’t want to torture you with anticipation so, the surprise is cream! We should all have the following in the fridge and larder as its Boxing Day;

Cooked turkey
Pesto (come on, surely you have some pesto?!)
Pasta shapes (whatever shapes you fancy)
Single Cream (probably left over from Christmas Day because everyone went for the brandy cream instead.)
Bit of oil.

Put pasta on to boil
Re-heat the turkey in the frying pan with a little oil
Add a heaped teaspoon of pesto to the turkey.
Pour in some cream when you have 4 more mins left on your pasta, so that the consistency is a good sauce-like consistency (I know, I’m a very technical chef).
When pasta is boiled just mix in with the turkey sauce.

Mmm tasty. The children might even eat it…


An attempt at Christmas craft that looks a bit Blair Witch …

An attempt at Christmas craft that looks a bit Blair Witch …

This is a cardboard Christmas tree from Kid-Eco and its been brilliant fun. It doesn’t stand up because we saturated it with paint but my two eldest kids who are six and three (and me!) had a great time … Continue reading