Today Izzy Wears… Tiny Crocs

I love Tiny Crocs, I mean I REALLY love them. Hot pink and cantaloupe Crocs Electro from Jellyegg and dress £3 from Sainsburys!

So small!



I Actually Won Something!!!

I’m feeling very excited. A while back I posted something on the Polarn O Pyret, Facebook page in the hopes of winning a £200 shopping spree online – and guess, what? I actually won!!! Whoop whoop!

I have to say it was pretty hard to stay in budget and ended going over by £9, but was quite happy with that as it seems like we managed to get loads of stuff! P.O.P.s outer-wear is legendary, great quality and brilliantly bright and weatherproof, so I got Izzy a raincoat and fleece and Sam a red, windproof fleece. I wanted to get Maisie a fleece too but they were out of her size online unfortunately. I may just get one from the shop in Cambridge anyway as the pink is a gorgeous color and I’m just very impressed with Sam and Izzy’s.

We also got a robot t-shirt for Sam, a really cute swimming costume for Maisie and identical dresses for the girls, (Maisie insisted, honest guv.) This is the result. Ridonkulous.

Maybe you should “P.O.P.” over to their Facebook page too! Sorry that was awful.

Today Izzy Wears…

Pink velour wrap top from Limo Basics at from and blue velour baby pants from Holly’s, kindly handed down from auntie Claire. Pink striped tights from Katvig originally from but currently inherited from big sis.


Today The Kids are Wearing…

Izzy wears her Maxomorra pink velour trousers from and her Smafolk top that I picked up (new!) from eBay.


Today Sam wears a Molo eagle t-shirt from and Zara Kid’s lined cargo pants with an elasticated waist, soooo comfy!

Today Maisie wears a long sleeved t-shirt from Zara Kids and pale pink skinny jeans from Gap Kids.