Half-term. Heaven or hell?

I love the holidays. No school run, no packed-lunches and no rushing. Just pure, unadulterated, re-lax-ation. That is until 8.30am when the children start to go MENTAL. Day 1. 8.30am – painting, including sticking and glueing. I’ve never seen so much art and so much mess. 8.35am – get dressed to go somewhere, anywhere that isn’t the house, arghhhhhh nowhere opens until 9am. Ok, rethink Emma. Right, we shall do some very slow, imaginative dressing that somehow includes baddies. Ok 9am, out in the garden. Let’s pick some leaves for an autumnal collage. 9.01am. Leaves picked, more sticking and gluing. 9.18am – erm a jigsaw? 9.27am telly. You get the idea.

The funny thing is though that after the initial panic of Monday morning, half term is lovely. We seem to just exist and potter gently with the occasional shriek/fight/disaster mixed in for fun. We saw relatives, we went shopping, we went to the library and we just got on with hanging out. What I realised is that the kids just like being at home, they don’t require constant interaction, they just need a rest and a mooch with a bit of planned stuff thrown in. They mainly want to play and sometimes just need a little push in the right direction.

It always seems so complicated, but it’s not really.