What’s going on?

Something very strange happened yesterday. We’d just had a lovely family birthday celebration for my Father in Law who was 84 and a belated celebration for Maisie who was 4 in May. Stu (FIL) brought a gorgeous cake and mum made a scrummy trifle that was so good we just ate it before I could take a picture!

After food and goodbyes, Izzy wanted to watch, In the Night Garden and Maisie and Sam went to play with their friend next door, which left me, Ferg and my Mum to have a ruddy good sit down. Mum fell asleep and Ferg and I read the papers. Yes you did read that correctly, WE READ THE PAPERS! Not only that but we read them outside in the sunshine! There were no interruptions, no badly timed trips to the toilet, no requests for food or drink no screams or calls for mediation. We could hardly believe our luck!


When the troops returned they had a picnic in full fancy dress and then played beautifully. What a weird and wonderful day…